GlobWetland Africa is a large Earth Observation application project funded by the European Space Agency (ESA) in partnership with the African Team of the Ramsar convention on wetlands. The project is initiated to facilitate the exploitation of satellite observations for the conservation, wise-use and effective management of wetlands in Africa and to provide African stakeholders with the necessary Earth Observation (EO) methods and tools to better fulfil their commitments and obligations towards the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands.

As a principal objective GlobWetland Africa  (GW-A) will be developing and demonstrating an open source and free-of-charge software toolbox for the end-to-end processing of a large portfolio of EO products and the subsequent derivation of spatial and temporal indicators on wetland status and trends, from local to basin scales.

GlobWetland Africa will help African authorities to make the best use of satellite-based information on wetland extent and condition for better measuring the ecological state of wetlands and hence their capacity to support biodiversity and provide ecosystem services. As an ultimate objective GlobWetland Africa will aim to enhance the capacity of the African stakeholders to develop their own national and regional wetland observatories.

GlobWetland Africa in a nutshell

  • Exploit the increasing capabiities of satellite observations for wetlands inventory, assessment and monitoring
  • Develop a free of charge and open source software toolbox to better assess the state and change in wetlands
  • Access “freely available” satellite observations from the Sentinel missions of the European Copernicus initiative
  • Enhance the capacity of African stakeholders to develop national and regional wetland observatories